I Heart Design.

I am a core Creative specialising in design in the retail and consumer goods sector. I can design logos, print material, flyers, books, clothing, websites, POS, and any supporting marketing collateral required for small or large business enterprises. I thrive on brand creation and brand development, adhering strongly to brand guidelines and working well with others to deliver collateral to deadlines. I enjoy brand strategy and blue sky creativity, working with marketing managers to achieve financial targets, and supporting marketing campaigns through print, web, and other media. I love the graphic side of marketing, but also am very interested in the words side of campaigns. Im a driven individual, and tend to morph into whatever the situation requires – one day it’s designing a brochure, the next it’s creating a web strategy to improve hits, or maybe it’s brainstorming about reaching a new market. If it’s creative, I’m there :)

Graphic Design

I work in all the main packages, and develop for print, web and fashion. I understand very well the requirements of print and the various substrates and methods required to create printed material and POS. I typically handle design jobs from inception to finished product, and work with the various printers to ensure correct artwork and prepress design. I can take and edit photography, direct photoshoots and create various illustrative vector and raster graphics as the job requires. I also work well with clients, marketing teams and other designers, both designing and directing design. I write copy well and understand publishing programs like InDesign very well – creating press ready documents and books or web ready PDFs with live links throughout the document.

Web Design

I’m not a web developer by trade, but have created around 20 websites over the past couple years. I have designed in html, Flash, and become quite adept with CMS systems like Wordpress. I’ve also developed ecommerce sites on various platforms including Wordpress, Magento, OS Commerce, CubeCart and BigCartel. While not a developer, I comfortably handle html, php, jquery and Flash for various elements in sites I’ve worked on. Im au fait with IT and web infrastructure, both on Mac and PC platforms. I also have done quite a lot of work connecting various products from retail to etail, and developing promotions that cross-network social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to main websites.

core skillsets
  • Graphic Design
  • All CS5 Applications
  • Advanced Print & Prepress
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Concrete5
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • CubeCart
  • Big Cartel
  • Screenprint/Garment Print
  • Illustration
  • Garment Pack Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Account Management

Brand Management/Communications

I’ve managed fashion brands in the UK – including my own brand RISE Worldwide. In addition I’ve been part of communications teams that have managed real estate, FMCGs, and retail products. I’ve worked developing brand strategy, marketing strategies, routes to markets, mood boards and brand and marketing documents. I’ve also worked to create and manage targeted email campaigns, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace sites, and basic SEO using Google Analytics, tags and indexed pages and keywords in search engines.