Basic Info

My name is Ranui Samuels and I am currently working in brand management and design in Tauranga. My experience has seen me invest the last 10 years in key creative and print management roles in the UK and New Zealand. I started in print in 1998 in New Zealand, before the advent of digital print, managing the prepress for a large sheetfed screenprint company called Original Screen.

From there, I have intimately been involved in print: offset, digital, screenprint, reprographics and garment and fashion printing. I have managed reprographics and film/CTP studios in London for the digital and offset sector, as well as running and setting up my own commercial garment screenprint operation in Birmingham.

I ran studios in Harrow and Harrow Wealdstone in London, and worked for an ad/branding agency in London – Beyond Communications. While at Beyond – from 2006 – 2007, I worked on various commercial campaigns including print and advertising for 3Mobile, L’Oreal, Sky, Ralph Lauren, Henderson Global Investments, Boots, Tesco, Armani and other top clients.

I have also worked broadly in the mens fashion casualwear sector, and have been involved in brand management, PR, fashion retail strategy, fashion design and development, print embellishment and web development including SEO and e-commerce.

See for examples of my fashion work. I have managed, designed, developed and created all elements and garments for RISE Worldwide over the last 4 years.

I am trained to a high level of proficiency in all CS5 applications and understand print intimately. I originally trained as a commercial printer before moving to prepress, design and advertising, so I place a lot of weight on my prepress, separations, and print finishing knowledge.

I am a core creative in the print design sector, but I also design and develop for web. I am a midweight web designer, and design in HTML, PHP, Flash and Javascript.


I have travelled and worked in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and the UK, and adapt quickly to new environments.

My attitude is very positive and forward-thinking. I believe the best in a situation and am completely conversant with high pressure environments. I manage staff well and constantly seek to get the best out of individuals. I believe that a companies’ future lies with it’s staff, and aim to resolve conflict, motivate others and push on to achieve targets. I am a high energy, self motivated core creative with a passion for branding and connection with modern culture. If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


London College of Fashion – 2006

Diploma in Fashion Brand Management

I attended LCF to study Fashion Brand Management.

Over the course of a year we overviewed the retail and fashion sectors, looking at marketing, design, advertising and strategy pertinent to the management of fashion brands.

Bickenhall College of Computing (BCOC) – 2005

I attended the BCOC, studying Web Design.

I finished with a certificate in web development, with a standard knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP development.

Media Design School – NZ

March 2001 – March 2002

HND Diploma Computer Graphic Design with Merit

I attended Media Design School for the year starting March 2001 and graduated the following year with a diploma with merit. The course focused strongly on magazine layout with an emphasis on colour, typography, and setup for pre press. The predominant packages were Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark. The course required 16 hours of tutorial attendance per week and 25+ hours of classwork projects. This amounted to a 3 – 4000 level of study: approx 2 – 2.5 yrs in a local institute. The tutors encouraged the students to apply themselves above and beyond what was expected, and were committed to imparting both classic and current principles of layout and design across all platforms.

Numonohi Christian Academy

Graduated July 1996

I graduated in 1996 with a US 12th Grade Diploma, with a GPA of 3.7 – .8 ( 96 – 97% avg across 7 subjects ), and a US SAT score of 1280 combined. This equivalency at the time put me in the 97% for Maths and English. This was a private US academy based in Papua New Guinea.

Work History

Original Screen Ltd


July 1998 – March 2001/Mar 2002 – July 2002

I was employed in this large format screenprinting firm over 4 years as a pre press filmwork and stencil director. I soon took over the responsibility of running the stencil making dept, and was in charge of checking film positives, supplying the presses with stencils and organising the workload on the presses. This role produced an acute working awareness of pre-press, print design, and print finishing processes. I also developed a hands on role as a printer – which involved understanding and operating the presses, matching colours, printing on varied stock substrates, and also having a thorough knowledge of CMYK and Pantone industry standards. It also established the ability to work to time oriented deadlines, liasing with other pre-press operatives, production staff and management, and to complete work accurately, within deadlines. I left to further my knowledge of the pre-press and design industries.


August 2002 – April 2003      Sales and Assistant Manager

I was initially employed as a salesperson in this contemporary menswear fashion store and I soon moved into the assistant managers position in two different locations. The role included running all operations of the store, all aspects of staff management (10 – 13 staff), and driving sales to achieve store targets. I was acting manager for three of the last four months that I was there. Having been involved in management at other levels in the past, this job presented me with greater responsibility through motivating a team to achieve targets, actively coaching and leading a team through sales performance as well as developing myself further professionally. I left this position to move to the UK.

Prontaprint – Harrow area

May 2003 – October 2004     Graphic Designer

I worked fulltime at this print, design, and reprographics studio over about 18 months. I was the sole designer – my role comprising of creative design, setting jobs up for print – prepress operations / sending files to Prontaprint platemakers, running the studio day to day operations as well as basic duties such as back up/archiving etc. We had Ricoh, Xerox and HP colour and black/white copiers on which we also did a great deal of copying and print jobs which we printed via the internal network; this involved a keen understanding of the way each of the machines work through the different trays, the need for varied PPD settings, and a good understanding of both font and postscript settings. The work was varied and interesting, and has allowed me to interact and operate well within a busy design studio.

Rapidocolor – Harrow area

Nov 2004 – Nov 2006    Commercial Print Executive

My role at Rapidocolor was comprised of providing quotations, managing a percentage of the client base, management of the pre-press dept, and also serving as the company point of contact for all pre-press and technical enquiries. I initially was signed on as an account manager, but rapidly assumed responsibility for the prepress section. I remained there in this capacity – and oversaw all aspects of the prepress workflow until late 2006.

Beyond Communications – Hammersmith

Nov 2006 – Oct 2007    Key 2D Creative/Print controller

I worked for an ad/branding agency in London – Beyond Communications. While at Beyond – from 2006 – 2007, I worked on various commercial campaigns including print and advertising for 3Mobile, L’Oreal, Sky, Ralph Lauren, Henderson Global Investments, Boots, Tesco, Armani and other top clients.

I was part of a team that built gondola units for the health and beauty sector, organised category management for L’Oreal and others, and worked on various ad and branding jobs, from refreshing existing brands through to building, establishing and supporting new brands through BTL advertising.

I worked as a core 2D creative, handling much of the print and visual treatments of displays and retail units.

DAYTHREE Brand Management – Birmingham

2008 – 2010     Creative Director

This was based in Birmingham – DAYTHREE Brand Management. I started this company with a colleague and we ran it as a boutique design agency in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. I directed various projects  including:

• HTML/PHP Web builds • Wordpress/Joomla builds

• Ecommerce builds • Brand Development

• Fashion Design • Graphic Design

• Illustration • Garment printing/manufacture

• POS design and printing • Magazine/book design

• Flash Web builds • Corporate Identity development

• Retail signage design • Fashion Photography/PR

• Print Management

R&D Design Lab

2011    Brand Management/ Design

Currently I’m in Tauranga – hustling in web, print, brand, fashion + more.

job roles & brief outline
  • 2011 – Inhouse Designer – Ignoto Design + started R&D Design Lab
    Started R&D Design Lab – NZ.
    Working for Ignoto Design in Tauranga.
    Brand, Fashion, Print, Web, Marketing.
  • 2010 – Freelance Designer.
    Started BOOM! Brand Management – NZ.
    Working for myself in Tauranga.
    Brand, Fashion, Print, Web, Marketing.
  • 2009 – Director – Design Agency.
    DAYTHREE Ltd – Birmingham.
    Brand, Fashion, Print, Web, Marketing.
  • 2008 – Director – Design Agency.
    DAYTHREE Ltd – Birmingham.
    Brand, Fashion, Print, Web, Marketing.
  • 2007 – Midweight Graphic Designer
    Beyond Communications Ltd – London. Print/Web/Graphics
  • 2006 – Director – RISE Worldwide Ltd
    Created RISE – London. Design, Marketing, Web
  • 2005 – Graphic Designer – London, UK
    Pennprint Ltd – Print based Graphic Design
  • 2004 – Graphic Designer – London, UK
    Pennprint Ltd – Print based Graphic Design
  • 2003 – Manager – Retail Fashion
    Hallensteins – Had Assistant Manager, and Manager
    roles in Albany, Glenfield and Lynnmall, Auckland.
  • 2002 – Studying at Media Design School
  • 2001 – Screenprint – Head of Prepress
    Worked for Original Screen – Ran Preress dept.
  • 2000 – Screenprint Prepress
    Worked for Original Screen – Prepress.
  • 1999 – Screenprint Assistant
    Worked for Original Screen – General work.
  • 1998 – Telephone sales
    Worked in Sydney raising funds for charities.
  • 1997 – B2B Salesperson
    Working for S&T Marketing – Door to door sales.