June 1, 2010  |  PERSONAL

You are what You think

I was raised in a 3rd world culture in PNG to parents who were missionaries and aid workers. Coming from the 3rd world to the 1st world is quite a transition, and bilingual multiculturalism is difficult to integrate into 1st world culture. I have been influenced by tribal culture, spirituality, art, fashion, branding and commercialism. This has really allowed me to embrace a wide variety of experiences and use that pool of influence. Much of my creativity and energy comes from immersion in world culture. I have also lived in London, and developed a fashion label, creating alongside some of the real influencers of pop culture in fashion and music. My only constant has been change, it seems, and I have really become a product of that change. I channel these experiences into whatever I create, and believe in connecting with people to impact their lives through design and belief. I believe in others and do my best to encourage others to aim higher, think better and gain peace and balance in their lives. Sounds a bit deep, I know, but Life is ours collectively – let’s live to the fullest of our potential and help others where we can.

Art & History

Im interested in more modern artistic movements in the last 10 years or so and how commercialism and globalism has contributed to the way we think today. As socialism has given way to capitalism and trade is king, the world has become consumed with consuming. I’ve been developing my own brands and selling product and as a contributor to consumerism, Im wanting to create or develop true value – not just generate income. I find much interest in looking at other cultures and understanding how the past influences the present. Communications, travel and trade have created opportunities for the capitalists of today, and its rare to find people who operate artistically simply because they are artistic or not to simply profit from their activity. I find people like Shepard Fairey of OBEY Clothing intriguing, as an example. He makes an incredible amount of money using other peoples art and spinning it into an anti-capitalist socialist statement while taking all the earnings and laughing all the way to the bank. Damian Hurst recently sold a shark preserved in formaldehyde at Sothebys in London for – wait for it – £11,000,000. I love it. We are so consumed with consuming, we don’t know what real value is. I like art that thinks or discusses these issues on a wide social scale, using society as a canvas. Art for me isn’t in a gallery or on your wall – it’s in everything you do or buy. Your ideas and beliefs are your artistic expression and your take on history and current culture is your paint. Our relationship with “Value” makes us who we are. My search for identity – existentialism – is very mush connected to what is happening around me: commercially, artistically and intellectually. Existentialism, belief, art, culture, history, commercialism, globalism and the search for value – these are all huge parts of what I think about.

Fashion & Music

The MTV generation paved the way for the TwitFace generation (Twitter/Facebook). Lady Gaga makes Madonna look like… – well, like a virgin, by comparison. We’ve developed a kind of visceral way of communicating that has no reserves – pulls no punches. Britney and Justin look like clowns in comparison to Lady Gaga and Eminem. The current leaders in music are brutally, irreverently honest, and there is a real chord this strikes with this generation. Hiphop came from the gutters, and now the gutters are making these artists kings. Similarly, there is a real edge to the fashion coming out now. The fusion of style across genres puts diamonds on hoodies and completely redefines what the fashionista is. While I don’t buy all the hype, I am encouraged at least by the freedom of expression that exists. I am still a part of the fashion scene in forms, and keep tabs on contemporary pop culture as well.

things i’m interested in
  • Graphic Design
  • Tribal Culture
  • Philosophy
  • WabiSabi
  • Japan
  • Cooking
  • Streetwear
  • Fashion Branding
  • Banksy
  • Shepard Fairey
  • Consumerism
  • Spirituality
  • Anything Mac
  • My little boy, Tai :)


The generation gap has been shorted by 10 years. Teens can’t understand 30 year olds let alone their parents. Culture is growing legs, heads and arms and seems to be constantly evolving, then devolving. I like taking elements from cultures I’ve grown up in, and juxtaposing them against ancient Janapese or Streetwear culture and putting it all on tshirts – just to see what happens – mostly it’s confusion. Anyways – I think it’s important to stay awake – open to what’s going on around you, and trying to give back. Don’t Sleep!

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